The Social Media Awards (SMAs) nominees are out and there’s no doubt that they’ve got a lot of tongues wagging.

Although congratulations are pouring in for the nominees, many people took to social media to complain about why other deserving personalities did not cut it to the nominees list. Some people even accused Swazi Boy Entertainment for putting their “friends” on the list.

A social media user who goes by the name Bhutiza Thapelo Ginindza who is owner of Formal Wear Eswatini is leading the “complaints committee”, saying that he was not happy because he was left out and also mentioned that a lot of nominations including himself were ignored and new faces that were never mentioned appear on the nominees list.

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He went on to raise his concerns on why Ur Gal Zee who is Swazi Boy Entertainment’s Communications Officer also part of the nominees, he feels it is conflict of interest.

He wasn’t the only one who had something to say about the nominees, with many others complaining that some made it to the list because of nepotism.

What are your thoughts, Do you think there acts of nepotism when selecting the top 10 nominees. Leave your comment below.