Ladludlu is one brave girl shame, after all the criticism she got on her first video smash and pass part 1, mo’ghel seems to have turned a blind eye like anginova ngani typa situation. Yesterday the YouTuber posted yet another video with a little twist, SMASH or BITE part 2, Munch…. Munch!!

Tematima(LaDludlu) and a friend; male this time, were discussing another list of Swazi men they would bite or pass.  Yey! Not every broomie is smashable, we all know comedian Dr shakes qualifies under the broomie category but nah, brothers ain’t the type of broomie they would ‘bite’.

“He,s tall, he,s a broomie but I wouldn’t just go around biting any broomie”

Kikiki wo yah….LaDludlu has no chill neh!