Hala Radio is Africa’s newest internet radio station founded by Larry Mhlanga. It broadcasts content both in English and Siswati and operates its primary studio at their offices in Checkers, Mbabane.

With a fresh profile, it offers listeners with a line-up of entertainment programmes, news broadcast with the latest from Eswatini and the world, and several music programmes that cover the hits of the moment and of the past. We have seen the radio station hosting well-known top South African, United Kingdom and American artists.

Hala Radio is hot topic and has got everyone hooked with their fresh and lively hosts.  They have attracted thousands of listeners and the listenership is growing immensely. The radio has over 20 shows to offer, and below are some of which you need to tune into:


  1. The Pinnacle

2.  The afternoon drive

3. #ThrowbackThursday


4. Love drive

5. Worship hour