It’s finally Friday! And with that, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy some down time. However, with the hectic and often demanding work schedules of today, some may struggle to relax. And for this reason, we bring you tips on how to unwind after a long week of work.

Take A Bath

After a super long day at work, there’s nothing quite like a hot bath. But don’t just settle for a typical everyday bath this weekend. Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine, use a bath bomb AND bubbles, and play your most relaxing playlist on Spotify. Lock the door and turn off the lights, and just let all the stress of the week melt away!

Image source: Bandy K Instagram

Read a Book

Whether it’s a favorite or a new book you’ve been dying to dig in to, books are a perfect way to take a break from reality. If you find just the right book, it can transport you to a world entirely outside of your own, and if you’re looking to destress there’s nothing like leaving your life behind for a while. Set yourself up on your couch with your comfiest blanket and your fuzziest socks, and make some hot cocoa. In no time, you could find yourself completely immersed in a different story.

Image source: Bellinda Chester Instagram

Have A Girl’s Night 

There’s probably no one in this world who knows you better than your best friend, then what better way to unwind after work than with them?! Get into your pjs, order some pizza and queue up some rom coms. Dish all the drama, laugh about absolutely nothing, or just simply enjoy each other’s company. Lounging with your bestie is easy and comfortable, and there’s nothing like an old-fashioned girl’s night in to relieve some of that stress you’ve been carrying around all week!

Image source: Tiitee Mcbubbles Instagram

Eat Your Favorite Food

What’s that one meal that you’ve been craving all week, but have just been too busy to enjoy? This weekend, treat yourself to whatever meal you want! It could be as simple as ice cream for dinner, a big juicy cheeseburger or that super expensive dish from your favorite restaurant. Go all out and don’t hold back, because whatever it is, you more than deserve it after the week you had!

Image source: Tiitee Mcbubbles Instagram

Go For A Ride

Hop in the car, grab a buddy (or just go solo), blast your throwback playlist, and just drive! It doesn’t matter where you end up, or if you really ever even get out of the car! Having the freedom to go (and do) whatever you want is enough to cure those work week blues. Belt out your favorite song and roll the windows down! Just enjoy the opportunity to get out of your normal routine and don’t worry about the destination. Wherever you end up, your mind will be far from whatever stress you’ve been feeling this week!

Image source: Ur Gal Zee Instagram