With the cold winter days upon us, you may be struggling and wondering ‘how can I keep my hair moisturized?’ Well my natural hair sista, here’s some up-to-date info so keep reading.

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Protective Hairstyles

Not only are protective hairstyles beautiful but they are great for protecting the hair from the harsh effects of the outside elements. Such conditions include the cold and wind which all contribute to drying out the hair thus making it weaker and more prone to damage. Therefore, in order to avoid this, protective hairstyles provide the hair with the protection it needs by keeping it away from harmful manipulation processes that may cause further breakage. Examples of some great protective hairstyles to do include, box braids, twists, cornrows, and more.

Deep Condition

If you’re looking for some of the best ways to keep your hair consistently nourished and moisturized throughout the winter, then deep conditioning is going to be your best friend. In order to obtain the best results in this area you may want to consider going for deep conditioners containing more natural ingredients such as avocado gel.

Image source: Healthline

Trim Split Ends

As soon as you spot a split end make sure to trim it off in order to keep your hair growing healthy. Split ends are known to make the hair more vulnerable to breakage, especially during harsh conditions so make sure to cut them off.

Sealing Ends

And of course, as soon as you trim off those split ends make sure to seal them with a thick oil or butter to prevent the ends from splitting again. Great oils to get you started include coconut oil as well as shea butter.

Image source: Healthline

Wash Hair Less

And the last haircare tip we have on the list is to wash your hair less as washing your hair more frequently has been shown to strip away the hair’s natural oils which help protect it and the scalp.