Sands is pulling out all the stops on this one, it will be one for the books.

The singer, who promised us new music this festive has kept his promise. His new song ‘Emaciniso’, one of the tracks from his upcoming album titled ‘Rhythm of Sands’ is the music video that is now being airing on TRACE AFRICA🤯🤯 Wow, mind blowing! We’ve never been so proud of you Sands, kanje? 🤩

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🔥The star took to social media to announce the news that many of his fans have been waiting to hear about this album , we all know Sandziso ke, when he does something it’s bound to be a topic of discussion.🔥🔥

“May this festive bring you Joy…. #Emaciniso exclusively out on Trace Africa.. We are on the move” he posted on Facebook. Indeed he is on the move💛taking Eswatini as a whole with him😜

Well done bro🌹