The Jub Jub Ndikhokhele remake is currently trending and everyone is loving each verse and lines of the song by the various artists. Many people have confessed to being healed spiritually and emotionally by this song. 2020 has been a very hard and trying year which needed the restoration and hope that this song provides!  However despite the success of this song it has emerged that Samthing Soweto was approached by Jub Jub to collaborate on the remix of this track but he declined.

Fans were left bemused and disappointed by this. After hearing the song some fans took to twitter asking  Samthing Soweto if he was still interested or not, they felt that the collaboration between the two would elevate the track to even greater heights. Jub Jub went on to clear the air by letting fans know that the artist was indeed approached on the matter but declined to be party to anything!

Despite all this controversy that this song is marred by it is a great track and people are warming up to it very well!!!!