While some of us were sleeping last night, men with hopes and dreams were awake making things happen. One of these men is Sakhile Nkambule, who last night posted a Facebook post announcing the expansion of his empire.



Swazi Jive is always a step ahead of the game and adamant in delivering experiences that will not only entertain the nation but change people’s lives for the better. Sakhile announced that as Swazi Jive celebrates nine years in the industry, they will be doing so by launching a classy, new venue called ‘Sky Lounge’.

In partnership with the Swazi Plaza, Swazi Jive will be utilizing this new venue in building up to the 7th Annual Hipnotik Festival, and will allow fans to enjoy and appreciate the various musical genres offered by Swazi musicians, in a classy environment.

We are excited for the launch of the new venue and we are looking forward to being blown away by the experience promised!