Big Zulu’s Imali Eningi is making big waves in the country right now and the chart numbers are proving that. The rapper who is one of the most popular vernac rappers released a banger just in time for the festive season, making him a top contender for one of the best songs in 2020.

Many industry greats are giving him their stamps of approval but one familiar face, Riky Rick is being heavily criticized for his verse on the track. Big Zulu features fan favourite Intaba Yase Dubai and not-so-favourite Riky Rick. One of the biggest points raised is the fact that the song is delivered in IsiZulu but Riky Rick got dragged for his English verse. This lead to many people suggesting an alternative to replace Riky.

His fan base however came guns blazing trying to defend their favourite rapper, who has been in the industry for almost a decade. The star of the song however is Inkabi Yase Dubai who took the spotlight from Big Zulu, who is the owner.

“GOD IS GOOD! It took over 3 years for us to find the right record (to) collaborate on so we are grateful you are allowing “Mali Eningi” into your hearts and homes. Siyabonga @bigzulu_sa @intabayasedubainm @labeatz_king UNKULUNKULU UYANITHANDA BAFETHU. DANKIE JESU (God loves you all. Thank you Jesus.) #1 yonke indawo (number 1 everywhere.)”

Social media did try to rain on his parade, “Ricky Rick was very unnecessary on that Imali Eningi track.” Another wrote, “I think Riky was necessary for giving the song a bigger platform. His impact is undeniable. But in terms of the structure of the whole song, it really needed a hardcore Zulu rapper and I feel Zakwe might have murdered it in Isizulu. There must be a Remix. Throw in Zakwe.”

In his defense, his fans said he has G.O.A.T status, “Ricky Rick is like J Cole … he’s one of the only OG’s in SA who’s trying bridge the gap between the old and young generation of hip hop artists in this country. He wasn’t NECESSARY . He wasn’t even ESSENTIAL … He was VITAL!”