Rapper Tshego has opened up about his rocky past which involved drugs, saying he was a drug addict in the year 2016. Most rappers and artists at large use their platform spread awareness about certain issues and often open up about their own personal experiences.

Even though he has now picked himself up and is living a clean drug-free life, he has reflected on how his 2016 hit ‘Hennessey’ helped him overcome his addiction. He admitted that as a smart person who makes better decisions now, he had turned to drugs in the past, but thankfully for him, he is ‘good friends with his demons.’

“As smart as I was I made mistakes too. I was fully a drug addict when I made Hennessy. That’s the song that made drugs not make sense anymore. At least I’m good with my demons. We good friends.”

He lamented how he had been silently fighting this battle alone but finally gained the courage to speak up.  “Been fighting a very silent legal battle. And when I win this case on Monday the humble sh*t stops.”

Still, on the topic of masters, Tshego revealed that he proudly owns his masters and is an independent artist however the reason for him still being independent is because he tried to sell them for a minimum amount of R6 Million however Universal refused his offer.

“After Ghetto Ruff in 2014 I went on to tell Universal it’ll be R6 million minimum if they want the masters on 1 album. They refused, and that’s why I’m still independent,” he said.