Can we give him the husband-of-the-year title already.

Sidwell Psyfo Ngwenya is clearly not about letting up with touching surprises, which are often a surprise to his followers. And it seems that some are even directed to his newly revealed wife, Aamirah Mirah.

While social media users are still reeling from the former YoTv personality and rapper’s new status after his recent reveal that he & Aamirah have officially tied the knot earlier this week, It seems that Psyfo has the ability to multi-task. Judging from Aamirah’s latest post on Instagram.

Aamirah revealed that her husband had planned an entire surprise party for her. In a series of pictures she posted on her Instagram, Aamirah showcases her first reaction to finding out that her husband surprised her with these intimate festivities. She used her caption to explain the series of images of her being surprised by the festivities by writing:

Guys,my husband and my best friends surprised me. I was so annoyed. I love each and every one of you.”


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From the stories shared of the festivities it seemed like it was an intimate birthday celebration that unlike many we have come to see, was COVID-19 protocols adherent. While in the Instagram post, Aamirah was wearing her “work” uniform, the beauty changed into a dress that was appropriate for the festivities. Aamirah might have not been happy about the state of her wig during the party, but she still looked beautiful.