If you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably wouldn’t know our favorite Swazi Face Beat Queen, Khosi Shabalala. This woman is innovative and creative in creating vibrant and fiery face beats, and it is not only in the way that the end result looks, it is in the way that the women whose faces she beats, feel. Some of us throw on a simple red lipstick and that’s it for make-up but here are some subtle make up tricks worn by Khosi, to make you look glam and bright, for work or play.


This pink/purple palette is really cute and subtle for work.

This blue and purple palette is perfect for a night out with the girls and we love how subtle the lip colour is on account of the dramatic eye colours.


Lol! Although this look is not practical for running everyday errands, especially work, but we appreciate the way Khosi blended the colours and they make her look radiant to the T!


If you would like to find out how she created these looks and what products she used, watch her Instagram Live tutorials or follow her on Instagram (@khosis).

Pictures taken from Instagram: @khosis