So a few days ago my social media was buzzing about 80 Script and Illa and just when I thought, whew at least this is over and we will see them shake hands and share ‘we are of piece’ photo collages, MTN does it again.

Today I woke up to a Y’ello social media. Everyone was on a high on MTN fire again (I know you still remember the ‘mama give us a signal’ stunt they pulled). Here is the MTN post that has tongues wagging.


I’m sure everyone is familiar with this conversation. But what MTN is saying is ‘Hook up ngeLijari’ right…:) This is how people reacted to MTN’s post:

Source: MTN Facebook

It seems MTN has mastered how to involve themselves in what everyone is talking about. Do the right thing, share this article and tell us what you think in the comment section.