We hope you are loyal fans of the SupaMega because here at Gcwala99, we swear by him! The award winning rapper has been busy recording his latest album titled ‘Touch My Blood’, and we are positive that is going to be banger! Unfortunately this is also his last and final album, and we are crushed to hear that. This comes after AKA hinted at the news on Twitter over the weekend. The rapper’s manager Tshiamo Letswene said AKA wants to pursue other interests beyond music.

“Yup. This is it. This is his last album. He wants to do other things with his life beyond music. He is a father and a businessman. He has a company to run and he will be focusing on that and other projects. He will always be AKA and will dip in and out of music.”

We are most definitely looking forward to the release in May and we hope that he considers a heavy come back sometime in the near future!



Photo Credit: @blaqsmith


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