sbahle mpisane

Social media users have made Sbahle Mpisane trend after an old video she posted resurfaced, the video showed a snake slithering through someone’s living room which she shared on her Instagram page but later removed. After the recent allegations of celebrities using snakes to get rich and famous, many began wondering if Mpisane’s mom Shauwn Mkhize owned the snake or if Sbahle owned it.

Of course, speculation was rife that the family’s source of wealth stemmed from that massive snake. However, it has been discovered that Sbahle was merely re-posting a video by Instagram user TheRealTarzan, Mpisane does not own the snake and this has left fans shook. The fitness bunnie went on to tag the original owner of the video with a small message for the haters. “THE SNAKE MOST FUCKAS THINK IS MINE. STAY TALKING XX”

Although Jackie did not mention any names, she dropped enough hints to make everyone guess and draw their own conclusion. She said that celebs will lie about endorsements and selling products but actually be using black magic to get money.

Hehehe… too much is happening!