The competition is getting down, with only five contestants left on the Spotlight. Yesterday,  the host of the show,  KrTC took the time to engage the contestants in a conversation with the audience at home on what made them join the spotlight and what their biggest highlights on the Spotlight were.

Sihle said he joined the Spotlight because he felt like it was gonna put him ” on The Spotlight”. He said he has been singing for sometime now at church and suddenly felt the urge to put his art to work. Sihle’s biggest highlight has been his fellow contestants as he loves hanging out with people and socializing and has made friends with all of them.

For Naledi,  joining the spotlight was a challenge to see how far she can go. She also has been singing in church for quite sometime now.  The rehearsals highlighted Naledi’s time in the Spotlight as she got the chance to learn from the others. She has made friends with all the contestants  on the show.

Sethu joined the spotlight to showcase her talent, and hopefully go into the industry to grow herself and impact the industry as well in one way or the other. Her absolute best moment was when one contestant kept messing up on the interviews prior to performing,  as a person who loves laughing, she found it quite funny. She also has become friends with all the contestants.

Tselile decided to jumpstart her music career this year,  and the spotlight being the number one talent show in the kingdom, she had no alternative but to join and what she is looking forward to most is growth. Her best moment on the show was when she performed “you are great” by Wanitta Bynam and the judges loved it, so seeing that made her feel a sense of growth.” The contestants are amazing and I’ve made friends with all of them”, she said.

Thembumenzi says her sister told her to join the Spotlight,  but she was reluctant. However,  she thought to herself that that the year 2020 has been bad enough and refused to let it end like that, so she  took her chances on the Spotlight. Her greatest highlight was the stage. ” The stage is amazing and I cant even explain how it feels performing on the stage “,  she said. Thembumenzi says she also has made friends with the contestants,  and finds them amazing as she is learning so much from them and discovering their characters. 

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