They say ask and you will be give. As the holidays are approaching, Mohale Motaung, doesn’t want to be left behind during the festivities. One way of making sure he is at par with trends, is to know the lyrics of smash hits as well as their dance moves.

But it looks like the actor and TV personality is not yet hundred percent there. That is where Makhadzi’s help will be needed. Mohale shared a video of himself singing along to the smash hit ‘Di Boya Limpopo’. The track by Makhadzi, Zanda Zakuza and Master KG reached Gold status a few months ago. Mohale, pleaded with the three talented musicians to help him with the lyrics of the song.

He further went on to plead with Makhadzi to tech him how to dance. This might be  little bit far-fetched, considering the fact that Makhadzi is a beast on stage, and dancing like her doesn’t look like an easy task. But hey, never say never. Mohale might just surprise us with killer moves.