Eswatini comedian, Mfundo Simelane, famously known as Ndosh, hosted another special edition of the men’s conference this year. Joined by exclusive guests, Sargent Gcina Dlamini, from the Domestic Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit in Mbabane, Miss Gcinile Mbukwane and a Psychiatric Nurse Dumsani Njolo. Mfundo’s aim with this conference was to get valuable knowledge on Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence act (SODV).

He stated the crisis men face in understanding the broadness of this act, with the focus issue of ‘’consent’’. A lot of cases pending on this issue of unlawfulness as a key element, on the issue of consent being misunderstood.

Sargent Gcina Dlamini prior mentioned that men need to understand what consent is, and not only see it as an agreement but an agreement between two people who are on the same page on that particular desire to engage with each other sexually. He also stated that men need to understand that the principle of consent is that one cannot confer consent by reason of character.

Mr Dumsani talked more about mental maturity affecting issues in opinions. Before giving an opinion, firstly gauge that opinion if it is valid, and if it is valued by yourself. The nurse also discussed that the issue of consent depends on being in good mental state with regards to an individual’s influences, social groups, environment and relationships.