The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused artists all over the world to jump on coronavirus songs or lyrics which are about self-isolation. It is a way for artists to ensure that they help people through these trying times.  Like everyone else, artists are responding to the pandemic which has over 230,000 infections and nearly 9,400 deaths around the world, currently.
As the lockdown has been lifted and the vaccine is here, Music stable, Messianic Empire will be releasing two songs that are a celebration for God’s protection through these hard times.
The newly published Eswatini entertainment house has launched its attack with the newly signed Criss Tino (former Spotlight contestant) who is featuring the spotlight top three finalist Oxygen on a song Kwakhalwa Sililo. The song explains the hardship we faced in the course of the pandemic and more of how hard it was to live in 2020.
Hustlers failed to hustle, businesses shuttered, many lost jobs, and people died. The two former spotlight contestants have decided to stand up and share their experiences in the corona phase.
Sancheziey is also part of the attack. With the lines and writings, he rendered on his previous song, Mbangazitha which is proving to be one of the greatest songs to come out of Eswatini. He has a story to tell, condolences to pass, and encouragement to lay, actually, this is an anthemic song that Sancheziey has made.
Sancheziey’s song has gained so much popularity on social media after he asked fans to help him choose the title of the song between The Storm is Over, We made it, and The Rainbow. The Trapsoul singer is not doing it alone as he is featuring one of the Eswatini EDM producers  NelsoNX.
“I can say a lot about this song but honestly, it’s my greatest writing, and it’s a true story and I hope Eswatini will receive it well, It is a celebration song because things are slowly going back to normal”. Sancheziey said.
With these two releases, They are setting the record straight that they are not here to play games. Songs will be available for free on all social media platforms.