The MTN Spotlight Season 3 top 6 contestants were revealed on Sunday 14 November in episode 10 of the season.

Nonjabulo Magagula was announced as one of the contestants to enter this season’s top 6. We had the pleasure of chatting to the Spotlight hopeful and she opened up about why she joined the Spotlight and how her journey on the competition has been so far.

Join me for a chit-chat with the top 6 finalist.

1.Tell us about yourself?

My name is Nonjabulo Magagula also known as Joy. I am 27 years of age.

  1. Why did you join Spotlight?

I joined the Spotlight because I saw an opportunity for myself to explore my talent, share it with the nation and bring something new to the Eswatini music industry. It was basically a chance to have a totally new experience as I have never participated in a singing competition before.

  1. How does it feel making it this far in the competition?

Honestly, it feels surreal making it this far in the competition, I joined with enthusiasm and optimism but actually arriving here feels like the start of a dream I shelved coming true. It is truly amazing. I also am in awe of the support I have received because making it this far rests heavily on people gunning for you as well as you doing your best on stage.

  1. Describe your Spotlight experience in 3 words.

Challenging. Exciting. Unique.

  1. Which are your 3 Favorite performances?

My 3 favourite performances are when I did renditions of the songs; “Barely” by Velemseni, “Stay with me” by John Legend, and Speechless by Anita Wilson.

  1. Who is your music idol?

My music idol is John Legend. He makes music that touches hearts and his music skill is on a level of its own, one I aspire to.

  1. What advice would you give to a potential spotlight contestant?

My advice to a potential spotlight contestant would be do your best, always be willing to learning and growing and let music be a very big part of your life, listen, listen, listen to music. There are things you learn that you aren’t even conscious of the more you pay attention.

  1. First things you’ll do if you win?

I will work on a single that will showcase the individual and artist that I am, all in one, and most definitely an album that I am hoping Eswatini will appreciate. I want to be the soul of music.

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