Lution Audiobot, who also happens to be a music producer and also part of the wolf pack choonz has expressed his feelings on how Emaswati do not support their very own artists and this statement sparked a big debate as people had lots to say on the issue.

Taking to his Facebook timeline, he flat out said that a lot of admiration is lavished on South African artists, which they don’t need as their industry is already well established already. He emphasized that Swazis need to celebrate their own heroes and value them the same way they value South Africans.

“Eswatini arts has great potential to be one of the biggest in the world if only its own people gave it a chance in its own country. We can do better. Right here!!! Right Now!!! I dare you Eswatini” he said.

This very statement has opened up dialogue and debate on social media. People have mixed feelings about this entire issue, although most seem to be in agreement with Lution’s sentiments.

This is what others had to say:

Another Facebooker had a different view on the same topic as he couldn’t hide his feeling and went on to say “ Arts won’t put food on your table anytime soon in this kingdom and you know it. If it would then you most probably would have struck it big a long time ago”.


Ey, who are we to judge kopha, Eswatini what are your views on this? Do share with us your thoughts….