Grievances of local entertainers has raised the issue of bungled covid19 relief and the government favoring sports, churches etc. over the arts as the corona virus lockdown continues to decimate livelihoods.

artists are among those who have been hit hardest by the covid19 pandemic and government lockdown. The inability to perform live has led to great financial strain and even after yesterday’s alcohol and gatherings ban lifting, the entertainment industry remains shut.

Artists are furious over government’s neglect of the arts and entertainment industry, which were amongst the first to close under lockdown regulations.

Yesterday afternoon acting Prime Minister Themba Masuku, in an address to the nation announced the relaxation of lockdown from Today, 19 March 2021. This includes Schools, religious and community gatherings, low-contact sports and the resumption of the sale of alcohol.

What is more painful is that some of these artists made money from gigs and live performances, now they no longer afford to pay rent let alone put food on the table.

Here is what some of the local entertainers had to say about government’s decision of keeping the entertainment sector shut.