How great is it to enjoy music with a clear understanding of the meaning or story behind it? Singer Lihle Maziya of Sword and Spirit Ministries has let her fans experience that as she shared the story behind her song.

The devotional singer this year released her single song titled Zoe and has been talking about dropping visuals, which she shared as a trailer on her Instagram account where she further opened up about the story behind the song.

The Songwriter says she wrote the song in early 2016, says she remembers waking up in the morning with this very song she previously sung in a dream. It was amazing that she still remember it after she woke up.

“The song came at a difficult period in my life whereby I was doubting whether I still really mattered to God, and if all my aspirations would ever manifest. I believe God gave me the song to fortify my identity and that is what I believe the song will do”, she said.

Lihle continued to relay how at often times we go through things that seek to challenge who God said we are, which is why this song will affirm that God Lives in us, it will encourage and bring peace into our lives.

Sounds very inspiring indeed, we patiently await the full video!