In an interesting turn of events, it seems as though the huge mystery surrounding Lasizwe has been solved. Well not entirely, seeing how the bae is still kept a secret. However his rumored bae Wiseman Zitha has recently tied the knot!

The River’s actor squashed gay rumors when he shared pictures of what looks like wedding photos of him and his bae Didintle K Mollo. The beautiful moment was captured by wedding photographer and videographer Unathi Mbonambi.

Even though many are still not convinced by the fact that Wiseman has tied the knot with a woman, seeing how many people had assumed that he is gay, the pictures do look promising. Could it be a magazine photoshoot? Guess the fact that they call each other using pet names such as ‘baby’ and ‘husband’ as well as ‘wife’ might seal the deal.

Didintle’s caption to the post reads, “Love is all…Husby,” whilst Wiseman’s caption reads, ” Love Is Beautiful.”

The two had previously posted pictures of them together in their underwear, so we can rule out the assumption that they are two models who were posing for a photoshoot.


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A few weeks ago, we had speculated that Wiseman and Lasizwe were an item because when Lasizwe Dambuza posted a hilarious picture of him and his new bae with his face hidden, unbeknownst to him social media would be able to investigate and reveal his identity.

According to iHarare, the two have been spotted together several times. Fans spotted the two of them kissing at a club. Wiseman even posted a video of the two of them at Altitude beach.

Another giveaway was the fact that Wiseman commented under Lasizwe’s post of the two of them together wrestling in bed with heart emojis, “Moment for life.”

Ai, talk about confusing the enemy