South African rapper, Kwesta has teamed up with Troublle and Gobi Beast on Fire In The Ghetto, the lead single from his upcoming 4th studio album. With Dakar II still remaining the highest selling South African Hip-Hop album since its release in 2016, Kwesta is back with his 4th studio album. The new album is titled Fire In The Ghetto and the self-titled lead single will go live this Friday.

The lead single, Fire In The Ghetto has the perfect blend of what a fire in the ghetto would be. Kwesta features Troublle and Gobi Beast who have creatively made the song an easy sing-along. Troublle’s harmonic voice and the “bump your head” beat by Gobi are a perfect combination. “Power my People, My father my leader, my mother my teacher, my brother my keeper, my sister my healer, my Sarafina, baba wami my leader, empower my dreamers” will definitely be the township chant of 2021.

Looking forward to it?