Khosi recently showed off her new bald bold look. Like is there anything this girl can’t rock? From weaves, braids, blonde hair and now she has gone bald and looks good with it too.

Not long ago Khosi chopped off her for hair and debuted a short blond look, now without warning, she cut it all off again and looks sixteen.

Taking to social media, she shared a photo of her new hot bald look and revealed why she decided to shave off her hair

“Good Morning loves ?? For the first time I saw how far into my head my birthmark goes ?

Let me tell you a funny story about how I got to shave my head ??? @j_a_n_r_e_i and I were supposed to have a shoot with @shaun_desousa__ and sis wanted me to do waves on my head…..I was totally feeling it! HOWEVER ☝? after my hair was bleached the texture went back home and the hair just wasn’t doing what it needed to do ?? so we had this bright idea to texturize it a little so we could get the waves to come out ??? WEEEEEEEEH!!! The lady at the salon told me……”Sisi your hair will fall out” but nah I’m stubborn right? ?????

Long and SHORT of it the hair fell out in patches and this was my only option ? I say all that to say this….

Where you end up may not be where you imagined but it may be where you were always meant to be. Trust the process really came through for me this time because I LOVE my new hair ??? She wrote.


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