With South Africa having recently crowned the radiant Shadufhadzo Musida as Miss SA, and everybody singing praises about her beauty and all that, hip hop artist Kena raised an interesting question about the where abouts of our own miss Eswatini.

After taking his concerns to his Facebook page, his followers were quick to respond with hilarious replies and one of them really caught our attention. According to the follower, Miss Eswatini “wabanjwa Yilockdown kadzeni” and he went on to fill in about Mr. Eswatini yet the focus was on Miss Eswatini, but who are we to say no to gossip.

Kani wake waboshwa Mr Eswatini? And why wasn’t he dethroned yebekunene because such is against the pageantry rules or Tibi tendlu? Ey asati yati…