Former slay queen and award winner author Jackie Phamotse took to Instagram in a long video divided into 2 parts about celebrities who use snakes to attract wealth and fame into their lives.

Jackie’s video put her on the top of the twitter trends as the video saw the controversial author accusing a couple of celebrities and influencers for using dark magic, as alluding to the late Zimbabwean genius ‘Ginimbi kadungure’ dabbling in such acts, also socialite and model Michelle Amuli popularly known as Mimi Moana.

Jackie dived deep into how the trading of one’s soul for money works, making reference to Gimbini who allegedly had bought his own coffin four weeks before his death and Moana who shared a video on Instagram where it appeared to have been some premonition of her death.


Masses have since replied to Phamotse’s video agreeing with her statement. South African Multimillionaire MaMkhize was also one of the celebrities who are believed to have a snake, apparently her daughter Sbahle Mpisane posted a video of a huge snake roaming the floors of a house alleged to be MaMkhize’s and then minutes later she deleted the alleged video.

MaMkhize tried explaining this on ‘behind the story’ in BET but it was so unbelievably not convincing enough nje. One replied saying it was the most bizarre story she had ever heard.

Ey…It’s tough out there, things we do for fame and fortune. Hhayi cha…