Keeping up with the Mcbubbles 

Some celebrities have siblings who are just as influential and famous as them. Shadow has Crooks, Oxygen JL has Yemaa and Tiitee has Bandy K. But what you might not know is that there are two more Mcbubbles sisters, Gcebile and the younger one Titonkhe who looks exactly like Tiitee. They may not be twins but they easily pass off as each other’s doppelgangers!

It’s often the good looking sibling who ends up in the spotlight but in the Mcbubbles family, all siblings are just as gorgeous as the famous ones.

The gorgeous siblings were spotted this past weekend having the time of their lives and doing what they do best, serving all kinds of hotness and sexiness. Tiitee shared this touching post on social media,

“I can never love anyone as I love my sisters, I’m truly blessed #mcbubbles #mcbillions #happylife Best friends forever”

She wrote.

Nothing can compare to their bond! The Mcbubbles siblings are fast becoming the country’s style-setting sisters and nobody can dispute that!

How gorgeous are the Mcbubbles sisters? Are you feeling their vibe?

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