In what started off as a “fun game” has taken a not so good twist for popular youtuber Tematima Dludlu also known as laDludlu after a video of her and a friend discussing local men they’d smash or pass went viral. The events company released a statement disassociating themselves from her. See original story here

Ladludlu’s video seems to be gaining viewers hourly. This morning it was sitting around 9k and then by 11am it has hit 11k and as of publishing it has hit more than 12k views. Come to think of it, maybe she has nothing to lose, the girl has reached 12k (growing) views on her channel and will start getting moola from YouTube.

So “When one door closes, another one opens”. Yes! No! Maybe!

Social media is divided; some took no offence of the video saying that these kind of videos are a trend on YouTube but SOME were guns blazing and felt that it is these kind of videos that cause depression amongst other things.

laDludlu has landed to a slew of losing her work relatioship with Imagination Events SD because of the ‘smash or pass’ video.

See original LaDludlu’s smash or pass story here