He doesn’t need to beg, for votes and likes; they will come to him because good work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Philanthropic simply means being kind, gracious, humane , and loving mankind and this are the character traits we have seen in Illa Pen boy Mntungwa, a local hip hop artist and influencer, during the past seven months . What started as a small initiative of donating a loaf of bread during the difficult times imposed by the pandemic Corona Virus in the country by influencer Illa penboy mntungwa has caught the eyes and attention of many Emaswati, warming the hearts of many . His campaign expanded, reaching to vulnerable families whereby he donated food parcels and later on has been helping in building structures in some families. Not only did he give this people food and shelter, but he also planted a seed of love and happiness in their hearts.

“When Illa pen boy reaches to needy families, the kids there get a new mindset and positive view of life. Hope builds in them, they smile and get to know that the world still have people who care, people who are considerate of other people’s conditions.” Said one fan on a face book post on July 29.

His campaign made a lot of impact in the lives of many and stirred love in the hearts and hasn’t gone unnoticed, but seems to be paying off as he has been nominated as the philanthropist of the year in the social media awards. Votes are already coming in for him in numbers and he certainly is going to win the award because of the love he planted in the hearts of many and the showers of blessings he received from the entire nation for his phenomenal work.

‘If I were to nominate an impactful citizen in my country, it would be Illa Penboy Mntungwa, the pioneer behind the Donate Bread Campaign. I groundbreaker I choose to celebrate while he is still alive.” A comment from one of his fan from a face book post from July 13. It seems many have been awaiting such an opportunity to reciprocate their love and appreciation to Illa.