If you have been living under a rock then start with this Times of Swaziland article where a story was published about Psycholution dissing Ila PenBoy. You know this was big news because we are talking about the Times of Swaziland here.

Now, on this new but very interesting podcast called Word!is, they asked him about the beef and at first he tried to down play it but he sort of spiralled out of control within seconds.

That is not a beef my guy

the Dzeberetse Mrapper starts reassuringly.

  Lution is my boy…Lution was voicing out what he believes in….there is nothing wrong about doing that

Suddenly! While you are flowing with that he turns on the beef mode – as if he can’t help himself but go there.

He goes on to talk about him being team red and Lution being team blue.

As you listen to him explain, he goes into preacher mode,

Who told you your blue is relevant, who told you your blue is followed? Who told you your blue is the real s*^t?

Not sure if he’s just saying or asking Lution right there but we choose the former?

After what seemed like a diss he goes back to say Lution had a point. His point and people who believe in Lution’s point will follow Lution’s point.

Liciniso kutsi I did smell imbiva kule comment ye Mntungwa but ke ngatini ngaletintfo leti.