Is it really necessary to wait for sex before marriage or you should just give in the cookie and enjoy life?? Swati YouTuber Sukoluhle shares with us why she believes that she doesn’t owe anyone her virginity.

Not so long ago Phronesischrist, a virgin at 24 years, shared her beliefs on premarital sex and now boom Sukoluhle with completely opposite views. The 24-year-old is totally against societal expectations on women that they should wait before marriage to have sex and how it made all the lobola thing to be centered on virginity while. Even at churches, women are advised to remain virgins while the guys do as they please. Mo’ghel insisted on saying she does not owe anyone her virginity and is not even apologetic about it.

“Why ladies should be expected to remain virgins while men enjoy all the sex in the world,” she said

Hehehe ladies…. nitsini, should we let the gents get a piece of the cake before tying the knot. Yes! No! Maybe!