Songstress Mandisa Mamba recently stole our hearts during her interview on DTTV_RePresent. Speaking about her candle business MANDIMAM Luxuries, the musician revealed that when she started making candles, she had no intentions of starting a business, as a candle lover she wanted a specific kind of candles but couldn’t find any around Eswatini that’s when she decided to create them herself. “I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I created it”  she said. This is confirmation that every situation is a great opportunity to learn or develop a skill. Way to go sis…!!

MANDIMAM scented candles are a selection of handmade candles that comes in various scents, shapes and colours all to add relaxation, love, and light to your space.

Watch the full interview below:

Business is Hard but skill will earn you a living. Continue all the good work Girl!!