After all the condemnation Swati YouTuber LaDludlu got on her Smash or Pass video, the youtuber seems to be enjoying all the attention, to hell with the negative comments and only focuses on positive ones. La Dludlu reacted on y’alls critiquing comments and guess what?  Girl aint sorry about nothing, she’s just glad that what was like a normal video to her turned her 200 to 1k subscribers.

“When I made the video I was making any other video, people do smash or pass. So I said, why not make it. I thought it will make my normal views but my subscribers shoot up to 1k in 2 days.”

Mo’ghel seems to be proud shame, I mean who wouldn’t? She broke the record and did the unbelievable lakagogo Eswatini. She also blamed the country for not taking the entertainment industry seriously.

“I believe I broke the barrier, and did something that no one did before as much as it seen as a horrible thing. Other countries they make it big in the entertainment industry because they do the unthinkable, things that would leave your mind blown. Swazi entertainment is not taken seriously because we all do the same thing”

Well if you were hurt in some way we pity you, ‘it was just a clean fun video’ she said it not us!