If you’ve been away from planet earth then let me fill you in. There is this list that a certain company or person created and is getting people all worked up. The list is made up of top 100 most influential individuals in Swaziland – to the youth (washa!). Truth is, we’ve been keeping our distance since natsi sinawo ema infamous lists like this one yabobhuti laba hot laka gogo but sesibatse siyabindza kuyasala. So we thought to update you on what we know about this list so far. Click here to see the list first (if you haven’t seen it yet)

  1. It was created by a certain gentleman named phinda Mkhonta. Read his article about the list here

  2. It is not a comprehensive list (they say) – So maybe you were number 101

  3. It will be done again next year (so hang in there)

  4. It got everyone on Facebook streets talking and still talking

  5. It will not be retracted and you name is not in there (so deal with it)

  6. It has given birth to other lists #yakhayakho

  7. There are too many spelling mistakes for it to be taken seriously (by some people)

  8. It feels like a Facebook friends list (so says some)

  9. It’s confusing at first until you read it again – at least 100 times to get it. No really. #noshade

  10. .Batsi It may end up being discussed in parliament. (lol)

All in all, Gcwala99 team is crazy about anything that seeks to uplift our beautiful kingdom, so we say kudos to these guys for the effort. #asikhutsatanesingagcekani.

Here is the list below if you missed it