Mkhuleko Mangwe better known as Sancheziey has a solid reputation for criss-crossing so many genres, from Gospel Rap to trapsoul /RnB .

The Eswatini singer/producer started music back in 2016 under a christian rap group; The saints before he decided to go solo in April 2018. He had couple of songs as a Gospel rapper, but that ended in 2019 September when he made a decision to change genres because he wanted to share his life and experiences through music.

That is when he started doing soul Music and became a trapsoul artist. His music career took off after he was signed under Messianic Empire later last year. He started getting recognition for his amazing music production and singing skills and has worked with a lot of music producers the likes of Changamiya ,Kangaroo and Semitone as well as artists which are upcoming artists Prudence Lemonade, Bushfire firefly finalist Criss Tino to mention a few. It has been nothing but an ascending ride for the gifted young man.

He recently released a single titled The Rainbow. The track has been well received by his supporters and it’s a for everyone, young or old.

According to Sancheziey the song came as form of a vision.

“I discovered there is a difference between a good song and a hit, and I have been learning so many things in the 5 years I’ve been grinding under the streets of Eswatini. So as I was confused on how can I come up with a breakout hit single. In that self-conversation, God asked me ” if corona ends today, what will be the first world reaction”…that was complete …the rest was history”.  

“This is song is a must listen as it speaks of how the world has worked towards ending corona, though we ain’t there yet but the progress is amazing and we should celebrate that. The song also mourns the death of all the people and one mentioned is the former Prime Minister of Eswatini.”