Let’s get one thing out of the way first. The woman in the picture is his wife – he’s not cheating – let’s move on people. Shall we?

If you’ve been following this lovely couple then you will know that they are not shy to display their eternal love on social media. At times it make you think they simply chat via social media even when they are sitting together on their lounge. That’s just me and my over active imagination. Moving on!

Jealous down the picture is something straight from the movies. I love it too. Wish I had bae to hold me just like he does. Nenekazi, the Mrs says he has the strongest arms – surpassing anything other person. Makes you wonder (lolest) …..anyways let’s just say it’s a figure of speech – of course except the part where she says tigwece tami.

In our tiny Swazi world viral is not millions. So to us two hundred and something likes is viral. You laugh but it’s true. Plus the past garnered more than 20 comments.

Of course the picture was taken by non other than King Shaka. That dude is a photography god or something. Can’t wait to find masibambane wami and will call him up to out do this one. To the lovely couple Sunshine Em and Nenekazi – keep the fire burning and showing other young couples that it’s possible. For those of you who thought that this was a story about ubrothers cheating – have some little faith please mara! Ngiyashiya inkhosi ibusise.