After the news of the two production companies’ feud emerged in one of the media publications last week, we took lightly of it and saw it as news that would pass. He he he Kuphi la?  In case you missed the action on twitter between local gospel Hip Hop artist Switch and Swazi Jive Founder Sakhile, well we are here to spoil you with the highlights. The duo is close to ripping off each others throats and have left the public open-mouthed following their exchange of words on social media. Just as expected, the public has chosen sides by comments supporting their favourite. Ewu! We don’t know why but we thought letintfo tema beef were only “designed” for  Cassper and AKA, guess we were wrong. This is what went down.


Source: Switch twitter


and Sakhile claps back..

Source: Sakhile twitter


Here comes Switch again….Boom!!

Source: Rapperswitch Facebook

Yoooh!!! Can somebody tell me, Seyisuka ngani??