Local comedians S’lawne and Gogo of Merchants of Bottomless Laughter have partnered to bring to the world one of their exciting projects, “Nguye Longuye”.

Yesterday, the duo held auditions at Lobamba High School where they were strictly looking for female aspiring actors from the age range of 18-25 years since the male cast had already been finalized.

“Nguye Longuye” is a love story of a young man who meets and courts three girls and charms them all. The girls are from rural homesteads and are raised culturally and traditionally. One day the young man decides to choose the girl of his dreams from the three girls, jealousy strikes from the two aren’t chosen and hell breaks loose as they try in all their might to ruin everything.

This is definitely a must watch. Information relating to the movie release date will be announced in due course. STAY TUNED.