After allegations that the much anticipated Gin and jean private party which was billed for the 7th November 2020 was all a hoax, the general public has been left in a big cloud of confusion as to what to believe. Rumour has it that this brand is murmured by a lot of controversy as the directorship is questionable too.

The alleged rightful owner of the brand Gin and Jean has decried all allegations against the brand that have been circulating on all social media platforms. Amongst these allegations is the matter of a supposed event for the 7th November 2020, which is rumoured to have been hijacked by Gin and Jean previous employees (Social Media Operator and Graphic Designer). It is also alleged that due to this state of affairs legal action is now impending, to which the owner has vehemently denied!

The owner then went on to express how such bad publicity had dented and defamed the image of the brand, he further lamented on how he was pursuing legal action against the matter. Worth noting is the fact that the show has apparently been put on ice following the government imposed alcohol ban. Further communication of this pending event will be released in due course.


With so much confusion would you purchase a E500 ticket?