Gigi LaMayne is on album mode and this comes at an ideal time since her music has been missed in the game. This, coupled with the fact that we haven’t had a body of work from her since her 2019 EP, Job Woods. To put her fans minds at ease, the Mojo Jojo hitmaker is gearing up to release her newest album, F*ck Everybody, a body of work she claims embodies the Gigi sound.

Gigi took a break from making music in a bid to find her true sound. Adding that the politics of South African Hip Hop made her want to step away and move away from sounding too Hip Hop.

I took a break to go and discover other genres and find out how hip hop could live within those genres. Crazy but I did it. Came back with a huge victory. Needed to take a break from hip hop kancane cause the SA part of it is trifling”, she writes.

With her skillset, Gigi LaMayne doesn’t need to prove herself as a rapper anymore, we already know that she can spit. She is one of the more prolific female rappers to break into the industry, blazing her own trail and representing a sect of females who don’t want to be sexualized but instead who want to be respected for their talent.

Her forthcoming album, F*ck Everybody will undoubtedly expression this new found freedom that she has discovered. Judging by the title, Gigi LaMayne will fearlessly move ahead with boldness. “More unmatched writing, more collabos, more bars, more work. More victories,” she promises.

Are you looking forward to it?