Drina Dresses Down Women That Don’t Wear Make-up
YouTuber Summer Mavuso Does Vaginal Steaming on Air
We Got Fooled! It Was All For A Music Video
Philly Shiba is looking for her dream guy?

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Swati YouTuber, Drina on Drinagotgrills decided to go on a rant and called out different types of people she has issues with in society – amongst which are women that don’t wear makeup. Drina argued that these ladies think not wearing make-up is an achievement and deserve trophies.

Youtuber Summer Mavuso recently left us shocked after she did vaginal steaming on air. In fancy words they call it Yoni steaming. Apparently, yoni steaming helps with discharge, period pains and a lot of other things to the VJ heek heek! Bathong the things we have to do to for our cookies though….

After taking Eswatini through a four-day long episode of ‘You Got Got”, it has now been revealed, there was never an engagement. It was a publicity stunt! The pieces of the puzzle, however, all came together after it was revealed, that the so-called engagement were in fact all fake and formed part of a publicity stunt to help promote DJ Mbo’s music video featuring songstress Symphony titled, Emadlelweni.  Ha ha ha…. angikho right,  sidlaliwe siyi khantri…

Swazi boy TV Social Media Awards most popular female and popular model nominee Philly Shiba is looking for a Dlamini Dark Chocolate lone beard. She says she has seen this guy in her dreams a couple of times so she can’t wait for the date night on the 23rd of October. Ngatsi kunendzaba la!

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