Hazel Mahazard has been a trending topic ever since she leaked screenshots of conversations between Prince Kaybee and herself. She also shared nude pictures of the popular DJ, exposing him for cheating on his girlfriend Zola.

Prince Kaybeedecided to take the legal route against Hazel for leaking his nudes without his consent. Mahazard then issued out an official statement which reads as follows.

On Tuesday, 4 May I posted a tweet with pictures and private conversations between Kabelo Motsamai (Prince Kaybee) and myself.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Kabelo for the posts, and any damage that the last picture may have caused to his dignity, public image, personal life and his businesses.

Upon deep reflection, I now realise how unjust and uncalled for my actions were, and I would like to use this opportunity to apologise unreservedly. I have since deleted the post and I condemn with seriousness against the continuous circulation of those pictures by others.

Furthermore, please allow me to state on record that:

1. I met Kabelo Motsamai in September 2020 through an official work project that we were both involved in.

2. I have never engaged in any casual or sexual relationship with Kabelo Motsamai from the time I met him to date.

I regret the entire incident and have taken to heart all the harsh lessons that came with it. I do not intend to make any further public statements on this matter and appeal that Kabelo be afforded the privacy to deal with any matters that arise from this unfortunate incident.

Official apology to Kabelo Motsamai (Princekaybee) for publication/distribution of offending statements and sexually photograph.

Check out some interesting facts about Hazel and let us know which one took you by surprise.

She Is A DJ

She plays Amapiano, old school and commercial house.

She Is A Brand Ambassador

She Is A YouTuber

Hazel is a YouTuber and has her channel. She has a show called Hazardous Talk where she interviews fellow DJs in the music industry.