After a long week of working we all deserve a good laugh to help ease our minds and souls.

Eswatini is one of the countries blessed with comedians who tell truths and educate us while making us laugh hysterically. Comedy is good for everyone because then you get to laugh, laughing relieves physical tension and stress. It also boosts your immune system.

Ever noticed how liberating and joyful it is to be in the presence of someone who always tell jokes or is just naturally funny with everything they do and say?

If you don’t know how that feels like, below is the list of Eswatini’s most hilarious comedians who would give you just the taste of what a good laugh needs to be like. You need to check them out!


He is one of eSwatini’s legendary comedians, who got the name Gedlembane playing a leading role in a soapie called Tigigaba. In real life, he is reserved but in his videos, he’s the craziest person in town.


The comedian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree obtained from the University of Swaziland, left his his full time job as a high school geography teacher to do comedy full time, hence becoming the first professional Swazi Comedian.

Dr Shakes

Dr Shakes has always been a comedian from way back in primary school but just didn’t know it.  He ventured in to comedy  professionally in 2014 performing at Evangelical church in Mbabane and finesse at the Mbabane mall.


Broke into the entertainment scene late 2019 via a video which went viral over the internet and was immediately recruited by revered local comedy collective Smallz The Comedian & Co.

Diamond The Comedian

Diamonds’ love for comedy and acting was developed in 2010 whilst he was doing grade 4. The upcoming comedian is determined to claim a stake in the industry through positively impacting the people.

Smallz The Comedian

The multi-award winning comedian joined the entertainment industry in 2015 through the national LOL comedy competition  of which he was the eventual winner and has since been  top of the ranks in comedy.


S’lwane, has a background in acting, trains the youth in schools, communities and churches around eSwatini, fostering their performing art skills. He took a starring role in Umjingi Udliwa Yinhlitiyo, a Swati movie that explores the culture of offering your daughter for marriage without her consent.

From the above list, which comedian is your favorite?