Queue the roses, the heart shaped balloons and the soppy 90s R&B love songs.  As we are all aware, Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on the love shared, and, love lost. Valentine’s Day fever is upon us and all of a sudden, everyone is an expert on love and relationships.

Swaziland’s self-proclaimed #SuperHustler, Illa Penboy Mntungwa, apparently has all the juice on love for the guys about women. I mean, we appreciate the advice and all, especially coming from a man’s point of view, but please, let us, do us! Wuu shem!


There is no proven recipe to do this love thing right, but don’t we all just want to drop some wisdom on the singletons! But please Illa, drop some bars for us to enjoy while spending time with our baes this Valentine’s.



Ladies, what are your thoughts on Illa’s love advice? Hit us up and let us know what you think.