Drina got grills

Our very own Swati YouTuber, Drina on Drinagotgrills decided to go on a rant and called out different types of people she has issues with in society – amongst which are women that don’t wear makeup.

“Besides covid a lot of things get to me. Let’s start with the obvious, you know those gals, those people that think that because they don’t wear makeup, they think we must give them a trophy because they don’t wear makeup. They go around with their nose in the air, telling you, oh my gosh because I don’t wear make up this and this and this…..no one cares that you don’t wear make up.

“you are out here acting like people that wear makeup are the most insecure bunch, just because wena lishiya lakho lihlale litjekile are we supposed to feel sorry for you? … and I am not trying to be cocky or anything…”

Well she did not end there. Soon as she was done with bo sistas be make up, she was on to judgmental elders who judge you for attending parties, then inboxes from Herbal life sellers and the list goes on.

Ay Cha! Swati YouTube is fun ebonine!