Speaking with TshisaLIVE, Dr. Malinga said he was watching LIVE and was not impressed by its threat.

“He’s acting like a gangster now. I could open a case against him anytime I want, but I’m waiting for him to apologize. If you don’t apologize, I have to open a case. I will not be threatened with being killed. If someone kills me with a gun, people will think it’s him. He is committed to jeopardizing what he has worked hard for. He worked very hard to mention guns. We don’t have to be like that, “he said.

Dr Malinga said he was confused as to where their sudden feud originated because he never said anything bad about the manufacturer.

“I just wrote on my personal Facebook that he is the king of the amapiano. Looking at how the piano is there today thanks to him’. I’ve never said anything bad about him. I don’t have bodyguards because I don’t bother anyone. I’m not afraid. I’m just surprised at what I’ve done to him. Because he told me that also because I talked to him a long time ago. Maybe there are people who have told him something about me. I can’t be against Maphorisa’s success, that guy is a hard worker so I can’t fight like that.

“If he doesn’t apologize, it means I have to face him, I don’t know where I’m going to get him. I am a family man, so my family will know where I am if anything happens to me. I have five children. It means that you are telling my children that you can bring their father. He must never promise me weapons. I tried to call him. It doesn’t respond, “said Dr. Malinga.

Image credit: Instagram