Our Man Crush on this fine Monday is the sizzling legendary DJ Wickedhandz, real name Alan Roger Stewart. He has striking looks with a body for the gods and one can’t help but be mesmerised by his alluring aura. In 2005, he won the sprite Central African DJ competition and once shared the stage with Rick Ross back in 2016 in Botswana.

In his long years of fame, DJ Wickedhandz has managed to gain much respect from his industry peers and music lovers, not forgetting the love from thirsty female fans. He is our very own Uncle bae. Ok, enough chit chat let’s introduce you to the mn himself the best way we know how….

It’s Those Arms!

We Like Bad Boys With Tatts…

What it takes to be an Uncle bae

What A Man….What A Man… What A  ….

He is the perfect Man Crush Monday candidate. What do you think?