He is arguably one of the best things that has ever happened to the local entertainment industry. All of that DJ Sbu Adventure and succeed immediately. Whether it’s music, television, radio or business ventures, he’s always one step ahead of his peers.

Recently, media personalities and entrepreneurs have put South Africa on a world map by breaking the world record for the longest marathon radio music show. This milestone also marked the era of DJ Sbu A person who announced his retirement from daytime radio at Massiv Metro. But this does not mean the end of the radio with him.

Through Leadership 2020, DJ Sbu aims to develop platforms, opportunities and networks for those who want to develop their skills and join potential networks. In addition to his major project, DJ Sbu founded another online radio station, HOMEGROWN Radio. This is an online startup designed for creative graduate students. Talk about opening up the industry.

HOME GROWN Radio is a sister radio station of Massiv Metro. It absorbs creative graduates from “I was born to speak on a radio training program”.  This one is purely for Africa and it’s people and this major boss move is another win for young African people as it will solely cater for this rich diverse continent.